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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hair Hats-Nagi Noda

Completely crazy or completely creative....Hair hats could be the next big runway inspiration trend to filter to the streets, or not?? We have seen hairstyles inspired by punk and gothic movements that have managed to be pulled off by some, but this latest millinery act of hair hats are styled into the form of various kind of animals such as a lions, rabbits & elephants – all using hand crafted hair weaves made from a moulded mesh of wire. Nagi Noda is a Japanese artist with a bolging folio of weird art, quirky designs and collaborations on fashion brand 'Broken Label'. Her latest work is incredible and included the video for the Scissor Sisters song “She’s My Man”, and the video for “Hearts On Fire” by Cut Copy. Tragically though, we will not see any further ideas from Nagi Noda as the gifted artist passed away after surgical complications from injuries sustained in a traffic accident. What more is there to say except lets celebrate, thank, and learn from her fantastically creative mind...RIP xx

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