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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Alushia-Sanchia Jewellery: Tipony Collection S/S 2011-12

I stumbled over this amazingly beautiful jewellery whilst looking online for something else.....and was blown away, I want all of it!! The best way to find new hidden treasures!

Jewellery designer Alushia-Sanchia has the spirit of a wandering artisan running through her veins. Drawing inspiration from her nomadic upbringing, her parents were travelling gypsy jewellery-makers taking her from the UK to India, Japan, and an Aboriginal community in outback Australia. Along the way she discovered the magical beauty in the land, the power of spirit and the cultural diversity of every place she experienced. And she was hooked! Adapting these life-changing influences into her creative process, she came up with her gorgeous Native-American inspired jewellery line Alushia-Sanchia. She is spiritual and passionate and these intrinsic qualities are reflected in her art. Her design aesthetic is largely influenced by her love of animal totems, tribes, gypsies, love, mother earth, music and the sun. 

“I truly believe it’s in my blood,  I see so many things in every day life as jewellery – I am a perfectionist and love to create with my hands. I am so inspired by the whole process from the idea, the drawing, the design the making, and the final product – its like magic. Jewellery to me holds emotion and represents moments in life.  I love working with stones and for the debut ‘Tipony ‘ collection I have chosen to work with Black onyx and Turquoise for their strong protection, healing and transformation qualities."
Alushia-Sanchia will be available from selected boutiques nationally from August 2011
Stay glued to Alushia-Sanchia website for more details xx
All images courtesy of and Alushia-Sanchia Jewellery for facebook

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