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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Crazy Stupid Style- Ryan Gosling

If you haven't seen Crazy Stupid Love, then I'd say go see it, download it, or rent it (depending on where you are in the world)....and ladies, take your man.....and men, please take note! We're so used to women's clothing being spectacular, and the girl always getting the makeover (think Clueless), but Costume Designer Dayna Pink's take on mens style, has proven that by incorporating modern designers, layering, cuff and collar detailing and sophisticated silhouettes, that men's style too can be amazing. The most important thing is fit. If you buy a great suit but it doesn't fit properly then it's not going to be great. There's nothing sexier than a man with style, and many get it wrong....not to mention ruining a great suit with a fairly average pair of shoes. Ryan Gosling's wardrobe consisted of shirts by (ex-male model owned and French label) Gossuin, suits by Albert Hammond Jr for Confederacy, Alexander McQueen, Ermenegildo Zegna, Lanvin and Versace. Ticking my boxes xx
 Images courtesy of clothesbeforehoes, mr porter, weheartit and google images

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  1. Holy crap he is amazing! I still can't quite get over him as Noah in the Notebook though... Pretty sure you could put this guy in anything and he would look divine :) xx